A.M Semi Permanent Make-up Technician

A.M Semi Permanent Make-up Technician

Semi-Permanent make up, also known as micropigmentation, is a revolutionary method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance a woman’s features. This state-of-the art procedure has been used by models, actors, and entertainers as a means of enhancing their appearance.

Who benefits from semi permanent make-up?

Everyone who desires and requires greater definition of their facial features, to give freedom from the daily application of conventional make up, resulting in natural enhancement

Alopecia patients who have lost all or some of their facial hair.

Chemotherapy patients who may lose facial hair, benefit from the application of semi permanent make up.

Anyone suffering from allergies which restrict their use of conventional cosmetics

People who have unsteady hands, caused by conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson, or multiple sclerosis.

Vision impaired people

Professionals who are in the sports or athletics industry, models & entertainers.

Women who need their make up to look good 24/7

Contact lens wearers


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