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Gowlands is a sector-leading commercial property consultancy firm based in Belfast and Manchester and one that provides consultancy services focused on non-domestic rates or business rates as its alternatively known. Additionally, we provide advice on Council Tax and Domestic Rates and Compulsory Purchase Compensation.

Owner John Gowland is a specialist Rating Surveyor with knowledge of Rating Valuation and Law in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.

John is a full member of the RICS and holds the RICS Rating Diploma. First awarded in 1922, the RICS Rating Diploma has long been recognised as the gold standard in terms of measuring the capability of rating surveyors. John is the only Northern Ireland based Agent to hold the RICS Rating Diploma.

Starting out in the District Valuers Office at Land & Property Services, John has ​specialised in Non-Domestic Rates for over a decade. Prior to setting up Gowlands John held the position of Director in a leading property consultancy firm based in England and as part of that role, he developed their presence from a standing start in Northern Ireland.

At Gowlands we think global and act local providing local and multi-national ratepayers with solutions to the management of their non-domestic rates.

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