N.I. Green Energy

N.I. Green Energy

N.I Green Energy provide Free Energy Health Checks as well as Free Solar for Homeowners and Businesses

N. I. Green Energy Services help clients get better value from their energy contracts, reduce their energy consumption, and lower their carbon footprint.

Times are hard enough if you are running a business, and once you’ve factored your energy cost into the equation things can look even bleaker.

Whether you’re baking bread, turning out high specification components, offering legal advice or running a high end restaurant your energy spend is likely to be a high proportion of your company costs.

We understand the burden energy bills can be on your business, and how important it is to reduce your energy consumption.

We cover every aspect of your energy use, from the bill you pay at the end of each month to the energy consumption of every circuit.

We can even help you go green by carbon offsetting your energy spend.

Company Address

BMM Suite 1, 1 Oranmore Street, Belfast, BT13 2RU

Telephone Number

0843 886 1967

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