Old 2 New Tiles

Old 2 New Tiles

Old 2 New Tiles Is a specialist marble cleaning company with over 12 years experience in restoring marble, limestone, terrazzo, terracotta, slate. travertine and porcelain floors in Northern Ireland. We have been trained in the UK, Italy, and at home and have a wealth of knowledge of tiles, their installation, maintenance and repair.

Old 2 New tiles is a specialist cleaning company. Our main field of business is in the restoration of all floor tile surfaces including marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, terracotta, slate and porcelain. We combine experience with enthusiasm for each job and add a little pride in the job to get you the results you want every time. The abiding principle of our mission is to recreate beautiful floors which are long – lasting and with the lowest maintenance regime possible. When the maintenance of your stone floor gets beyond your experience or knowledge please call our professional team for a free consultation and advice.   

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